Elene Weege Artist


through landscapes in outdoor light, texture and color.

Elene's Art

The paintings on my website are for all who love art and nature. They have relevance for anyone who embraces landscapes with their moods of color and light. My subjects are diverse, but I find myself returning to the excitement of nature in plein air painting.

In structuring my paintings, I am concerned with an intimate view offered through color as well as contrast of light and value. My paintings are artful journeys. I seek to express my emotions and share my individual reactions to a scene in the moment through my art.

Elene Weege, Artist

Living in the hills near Stevensville, Montana, I am surrounded by breathtaking views of the Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountains, which these create the beautiful Bitterroot Valley stretching for about 100 miles. As I paint daily in my studio or venture into the surrounding areas, I have the privilege of learning, through direct observation, the beauty of the Montana Skies.

Texture, color, outdoor light, and intimate scenes are all a part of my work. The freedom of the palette knife or the immediate color response of the soft pastels lends drama to my paintings and my life. Art is created with the heart, the head, and the hand, and gives meaning to my artistic vision and my world in many ways.


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